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Annual Executive Physicals Q & A

What is an executive physical? 

An executive physical is a physical exam designed to suit the needs of busy executives who don't have the time to make multiple visits for doctor's exams, lab work and other tests. The exam sets aside a specific time slot that is devoted solely to the executive patient, providing plenty of time for an exam and evaluation, on-site testing and of course, lots of opportunity to ask questions and discuss concerns about health or lifestyle issues including smoking, stress, mental health issues and addiction concerns. 

What is included in an executive physical? 

The physical will include a complete and thorough health history, including a family history of medical issues so Dr. Ali can determine which types of screening tests would be most appropriate. It also includes questions about lifestyle issues and any current symptoms you may be experiencing. During the exam itself, your blood pressure, weight, height, heart rate and pulse will be measured and your BMI may be calculated. Dr. Ali will also check your eyes, ears and throat, listen to your chest and palpate (gently press) your belly and abdomen. Other exams and evaluations will be performed based on your age, gender and specific health needs. Based on those results and the information contained in your health history and paperwork, he'll order specific tests to screen for diseases or to evaluate any existing diseases such as diabetes or cardiovascular disease. Then he'll use that information to work with you to custom-tailor a lifestyle plan that addresses any potential risk factors or other issues so you can maximize your health and reduce your risk for illness. 

How does an executive physical compare to a “regular” annual physical? 

Executive physicals offer more time for on-site testing, evaluation and consultation so busy executives can have virtually all their health needs assessed and addressed in one visit. 

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