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Why It's Important to Get an Annual Physical

Take the time to put your health and wellness at the top of your list. Book an annual physical with Dr. Massachi by calling o

Visiting your physician for a comprehensive executive physical is one of the most important steps you can take to ensure a lifetime of good health. But if you’re feeling well, this preventive health care step can get pushed a to the back seat, behind family, career and home responsibilities.

But preventing the development of health complications and disease is more effective than curing health issues later on. 

Annual physicals are routine exams that evaluate your whole-body wellness. They provide an opportunity to identify changes in your body that could lead to health complications, giving you a chance to make lifestyle changes to keep yourself as healthy as possible.

Sasan Massachi, MD, is a well-known internal medicine and concierge medicine practice serving people in Beverly Hills, California. Here’s what Dr. Massachi wants you to know about the importance of an annual physical. 

Physicals keep you enjoying optimal health

Annual examinations are a critical piece of preventive medicine. Identifying risk factors early, before they cause disease, makes treatment more effective. Getting a comprehensive annual exam not only helps identify changes in your body, but it also helps you foster a relationship with Dr. Massachi and our team.

Every physical includes time to discuss your health and concerns – from diet and weight loss to vaccines and to testing bone density. Dr. Massachi reviews your personal and family medical history, as well as your lifestyle and habits. Dr. Masssachi is proud to offer lifestyle plans to his patients that can include stress management techniques and other lifestyle change to promote optimal wellness.

During your physical exam, Dr. Massachi performs a variety of tests to evaluate your physical health. Most annual physicals include a number of assessments, including but not limited to:

People with pre-existing health conditions or an increased risk of developing chronic conditions like heart disease or diabetes may need to undergo additional testing to monitor their health. Dr. Massachi may order blood work to be sent to our in-house lab, and he may also offer vaccinations during your annual physical to keep you up to date. 

Executive physicals are convenient for your busy schedule

For his patients with busy schedules and demanding careers, Dr. Massachi offers personalized executive physicals. Executive physical scheduling is flexible, and you’ll only need to visit the office once to have your exam completed.

Dr. Massachi emphasizes high-quality care and building a personal relationship with you, even when your busy life makes it challenging to put your health first. At our office, the team works with you to make your life easier and give you the best possible care. 

Take the time to put your health and wellness at the top of your list. Book an annual physical with Dr. Massachi by calling our office or requesting an appointment online today.

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