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Executive Physicals Specialist

Sasan Massachi, MD -  - Primary Care Physician

Sasan Massachi, MD

Primary Care Physician located in Beverly Hills, CA

Are you so pressed for time due to the demands of your career that you can’t even remember the last time you had a physical exam? Sasan Massachi, MD, understands the time constraints you may be under as an executive and offers annual executive physicals at his Beverly Hills, California, office, specifically designed with your schedule in mind. His examinations are comprehensive and don’t require multiple visits to the office or trips to other facilities. To schedule your annual executive physical, call the office or request an appointment online today.

Executive Physicals Q & A

What are annual executive physicals?

Annual executive physicals are physical exams that take your busy schedule into consideration. Dr. Massachi has set time aside specifically for your executive physical, so you get all the care you need without having to come to the office multiple times or go to another facility to complete screenings or tests. 

The exam is also scheduled to suit your needs. Dr. Massachi understands the responsibilities you have to your career and offers flexible scheduling for your annual executive physical.

Why do I need an annual executive physical?

You need an annual executive physical because you shouldn’t ignore your health. Without your health, you wouldn’t be able to perform your job. 

Your annual visit with Dr. Massachi allows him to assess your overall health and help you make any necessary changes to maintain or improve health and prevent illness or disease. It also helps you and Dr. Massachi develop a patient-doctor relationship that fosters trust, which improves your overall care. 

What can I expect during an annual executive physical?
Your annual executive physical is a comprehensive and thorough examination. Dr. Massachi spends the time needed to learn about you and your health so he can provide the most beneficial recommendations.
During your executive physical, Dr. Massachi reviews your family and medical history, asks you about your lifestyle and habits, and discusses: past medical history, allergies, family history, smoking/ alcohol history, exercise, diet, sleep, any medical concerns or symptoms you may have. Based on your medical history, a head-to-toes exam and full vitals Dr. Massachi then orders advance testing that could include:
* Kidney function
* Liver function
* Thyroid function
* Cholesterol analysis
* Diabetes screening
* Vitamin deficiency
* Electrolyte abnormality
* Urine analysis
* Hormones panel
* STD's
* Tumor markers
* Bone scans for early assessment of rare asymptomatic diseases
* MRI bran to asses for aneurysm
* Calculation of your body mass index (BMI)
* Measurement of your blood pressure, heart rate, and pulse
* Evaluation of your eyes, ears, and throat
* Listening to your lungs
* Palpating your abdomen to evaluate your internal organs

Dr. Massachi also provides gender-specific exams, such as the testicular exam for men and the pelvic exam for women. He also allows extra time to discuss health concerns you may be facing, such as smoking, stress, mental health issues, and addiction concerns.
After he's completed your physical exam, Dr. Massachi orders specific tests to screen for diseases. If you have a pre-existing health condition, such as diabetes or heart disease, Dr. Massachi may order additional tests to monitor for related health changes.
Once he's completed his exam and testing, Dr. Massachi develops your personalized lifestyle plan that addresses any risk factors or health issues to improve or maintain your health.
To schedule your executive annual physical, call the office of Sasan Massachi, MD, or request an appointment online today.