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Travel Vaccines Q & A

Why should I have vaccines before traveling? 

Not all travel requires vaccines, but if you plan on traveling to areas where certain diseases or infections are endemic or even present on a smaller scale, being vaccinated in ample time before your departure date can help ensure you avoid contracting these diseases and infections so you stay healthy not just during your travels, but after your return home as well. In addition, some countries require visitors to present proof of vaccination before they'll allow entry into the country. 

What kinds of diseases and infections can occur as a result of travel? 

That depends on where you're traveling, but some of the more common risks include bacterial, viral, fungal or parasitic infections that can be contracted through infected food or water, or even by contact with a contaminated person or a contaminated surface. Malaria, yellow fever, dengue fever and many other diseases can all be contracted during travel to tropical or subtropical regions, as can serious digestive and respiratory infections that can persist for months or years after initial contact, or even result in permanent disability or death. 

How can I tell which vaccines I need to have prior to traveling? 

Our practice keeps track of vaccine recommendations established by international health organizations so we can provide you with the most appropriate vaccinations based on your destination and other risk factors, as well as other travel guidance that can help you avoid infection. 

How far in advance of travel should I be vaccinated? 

Ideally, you should call our office as soon as your departure date is set so we can schedule your vaccinations early enough to be effective by the time you leave. Some vaccines can take a few weeks to become effective, meaning you'd need to be vaccinated a month in advance of departure ideally.

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